YouTube has a new dark mode and here's how you enable it

Update: YouTube’s finally making the new dark mode available for all. Here’s a quick preview on the launch. The below guide is no longer needed. Head to the preview page and enable the new look for your YouTube account.

Apparently, YouTube has a new dark mode and anyone can activate it right away. This came of as a surprise to most users when this hack was leaked on Twitter, and upon trying, this seemed to work just fine for me.

[caption id=“attachment_1217” align=“aligncenter” width=“383”] Image credits: @ow[/caption]

While this feature is not open officially to all users, activating this is rather easy. Follow the instructions below to activate it.

  * Logon to YouTube website on your favorite website browser. Firefox in my case.
  * Right click on the page and click Inspect Element to choose Console tab on the developers toolbox.
  * Enter the code **document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE"** and run the code.
  * Reload the page and click on your YouTube avatar at the top right.
  * Enable the dark mode available there.

Note that this activation remains working for the browser you are working on now. You will have to go through the whole activation process again if you are to choose a different web browser. Bookmark this article to your web browser if that’s the case.

Enabling dark mode turns the light elements to dark, making your night-time viewing experience better and eases the strain on your eyes. How do you like this feature? Tell us in the comments. Via.