Yahoo and AOL to be merged as Oath, says Tim Amstrong

Roughly after 9 months of Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo for 4.83 Billion USD, Verizon is merging Yahoo and AOL as Oath. The company which was synonymous with the whole of internet, Yahoo, after having messed up by rejecting the 45 Billion offer from Microsoft in 2008, was sold to Verizon with all the assets moving to the latter.

It was rumored that Yahoo would be phased off completely and that it would be rebranded to a new name of Altaba or Tronc, but Tim Amstrong, CEO of AOL, has announced today in a tweet that Yahoo will be merged with AOL as a digital brand and will be named as Oath.

It is unclear if all of Yahoo’s current products will be moved to Oath branding, or if Tim and the team would maintain prominent ones like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo News under the original branding.

The tweet aggressively claims the mashup of the two large identities now boasts of over 20 products and has over 1 billion users. With such a huge userbase, Tim is betting huge on a strong rebirth of the slowing phasing out Yahoo, by Summer of 2017.

It is unclear if Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, will continue to be a part of Yahoo’s future, but based on reports and her activities on Tumblr, he is “excited” and will be play a role in Oath. She previously invested in developing the mobile front and digital advertising at Yahoo, amongst other roles.