WriteRack gets a makeover, adds premium subscription features that are worth it

Tweetstorms have always been the rage, but doing that on Twitter’s official apps or website is a tad tough job, for there’s no automation support. While there are various third-party apps available to achieve the same, Writerack has been my favorite lately and they just upped the experience with a premium feature.

Writerack is still remaining free for all users, except that premium users will have addition features for a better tweeting experience.

The team’s offering a premium package at 19.99 USD per year, and is introducing 3 key features which this - adding time interval between tweets, adding images to any tweets belong to that chain (yes, much needed!) and the ability to add do more tweetstorms in a day. The free package limits one to 100 tweets per day. The premium package goes beyond this, but there is no note on the limit count.

In addition to these, paid users will also get to change the numbering format on the tweets while this is not available for free users.

I got one of these upgrades and I noticed that the time interval feature enables users to add an interval of 5, 15, 30 or 60 seconds to tweets. The image addition feature seems to be pretty handy though. One of the key missing features was the ability to inject images in tweets, and it’s good to see that it’s available now.

Oh yeah, the website’s got a makeover too. The editor’s looking much better than ever andhas support for emoji too with a emoji palette at the bottom left.

Update: Another key notice - WriteRack used to dump all of tweets as a reply to the first tweet. Doesn’t seem to be the case now. It’s unsure if this is limited to those with time interval.

This is an annual payment feature though and can be purchased on their subscription page.

There is no information if this will be available for the mobile app users too. WriteRack has a neat Android app, and it will be pretty good if the team makes this across on the app too.