Workplace announces a new notifications hub to catch up faster on notifications

Workplace by Facebook is officially rolling out a new notifications hub that puts users are catching up notifications better.

For those unaware, Workplace is Slack-like offering from Facebook that enables teams of any size to communicate and collaborate better by using Groups. It’s basically Facebook wrapped in a theme aimed at organizations, and bundles in features likes Messenger Bots, Markdown support, app integrations and more features that are meant for a corporate environment. It has been available since the beginning of 2015 and launched officially for all users in the October of 2016.

[caption id=“attachment_2677” align=“alignnone” width=“2048”]The new notifications hub is now rolling out to all Workplace users. The new notifications hub is now rolling out to all Workplace users.[/caption]

Starting today, Workplace is enabling a new notifications hub that allows users to filter, read and act on notifications from a single page. Unlike Facebook’s notifications hub, clicking on individual notification does not load that page on a new tab. It rather shows the content of that notification on the same page, making it easier for users to act on them.

It also offers new features like the ability to sort notifications that are read/unread on pinned groups or multi-company groups. It also offers an ability to filter tags/mentions for those who need to get to them faster, as compared to reactions or shares.

This feature has been available in beta for quite some time now, and looking at the response it’s receiving on Workplace’s official announcement, there are chances that this could officially be available on Facebook too.

The new notifications hub is now available for all Workplace users. Click on the Notifications button on the left of your Workplace dashboard to access it.