WordPress.com announces a builtin stock photography search tool

WordPress.com is announcing a new feature today that will enable users to search for stock photography from the comfort of the post editor. Powered by Pexels, the WordPress.com Calypso dashboard will now allow users to search for keywords and surface photos based on that keyword.

Users can choose photos they would like to embed on their post - the chosen photos would be copied to their media gallery and listed on the post.

This could be quite a handy feature for bloggers, publishers and writers of all kinds, who use stock photography on their blog posts a lot.

Free stock photography search on WordPress.com Calypso editor The new free stock photography search on WordPress.com Calypso editor

This is available only on the WordPress.com Calypso dashboard, as an offering from WordPress.com. It’s not available on the classic WordPress editor, or there are no words on if this will be available on the upcoming WordPress Gutenberg editor either.

To use this feature, click on the Add button and choose Free photo library option on your WordPress.com Calypso post editor screen. When the toolbox pops up, use the search function available at the top to search for keywords, and photos will be referenced from Pexels.