WhatsApp now lets you pin important chats to the top

Opening WhatsApp after a day’s trek or an unimaginably long afternoon siesta only to dig through to the conversation you want will no longer be the same. WhatsApp’s announcing a new feature to pin your favorite conversations to the top of the screen.

All the other chats irrespective of the time of delivery of the latest messages will be placed below the pinned chat. This feature will come in handy if you want to respond to your worried girlfriend or a desperate colleague at work first without having to scroll through hundreds of messages from other conversations.

This feature can be related to Twitter’s option to pin tweets to the top of your profile. For those who wonder how WhatsApp incorporates this feature and how to use it, here’s a short elucidation addressing these queries.

This feature is available for a limited number of users who are beta testers of WhatsApp and we can expect an update incorporating this feature to roll out in the near future. To subscribe to beta testing phase, open WhatsApp on Google Play Store and scroll to the bottom of the screen. You should see a beta subscriptions section there.

Once you are on the new app, to pin a chat, you just have to tap and hold on a chat in the conversations list, and you will find an option to pin the chat in the popup that entails the action. You can pin up to three chats at a time and as already said, the messages in these chats are shown first irrespective of the recency of it relative to other unpinned chats. You can also unpin a chat and pin another if you change your mind.

Editor’s note: This feature particularly comes handy when you want to delete all the chats, but want to retain your broadcast lists. Until lately, when you delete all the chats, the broadcast lists disappear too. This feature changes that.