WhatsApp for iOS gets 'Swipe to Reply', Filters and Tiled Albums

WhatsApp for iOS is getting a new update today and will feature 3 interesting features for users. The news comes off a TechCrunch post, which claims that the chat company told the former about these new features.

Filters for media

WhatsApp for iOS will now enable users to add any of the 5 different filters available, to media they share with friends. This will apply to photos, videos and GIF files. After capturing a photo fresh off the camera or after uploading a photo from gallery, users can add pop, black and white, cool, chrome or film filters.


WhatsApp will now bundle media into tiled albums when you send 4 or more of those. This is possible bring around a much better visual cue.

[caption id=“attachment_1986” align=“aligncenter” width=“680”]whatsapp-albums Image via TechCrunch[/caption]

Your friends can tap on the album to see the photos in full size.

Swipe to reply

Replying has always been cumbersome on WhatsApp. Telegram does it a lot better though with a small popup on a single tap. WhatsApp though, forces users to long press on the message and click the Reply button at the top. This is set to change with the new Swipe to reply feature.

[caption id=“attachment_1987” align=“aligncenter” width=“800”]quick_reply.gif GIF via TechCrunch[/caption]

Users can Swipe to the right on the message to immediately reply to that message.

These features will be rolled out to iOS users on the App Store in the coming days. Look out for an update button.

Android doesn’t this update yet. WhatsApp might be making this available for all across Android if the iOS version plays well.