Here's what to look out for at Facebook F8 2017

Facebook F8 2017 conference is scheduled to happen on the 18th and 19th of this month, April, 2017. While this annual conference for developers and consumers brings around a range of new updates every where, the interests and speculations have been strangely high this year.

Update: Facebook F8 is set to kick off in less than 2 hours. Tune in to the live stream page to watch live or follow this page here on Briffly.

With hints that Facebook might be launching group chatbots on Facebook Messenger and with the recent launch of group payments in Facebook Messenger, things seem very healthy and interesting for users.

We did a quick check with Facebook and here’s what’s happening at the Facebook F8 2017 conference. This should probably help you get your Facebook F8 2017 experience mapped better.

Facebook F8 2017 conference is happening at San Jose and registration’s open on this page. Alternatively, if you cannot make it to the event in live, you can see the event online on their streaming page.

Messenger announcements

Facebook is primarily announcing new ways for marketers and businesses to leverage Facebook Messenger to reach their audience better. A set of new features are reportedly to be announced during the event.

A few key Facebook engineers will be commenting on the success of the chatbot industry and how you can create great chatbots during the event.

  * 1200 to 1220 PST - Boost your business with Facebook Messenger - April 18
  * 1230 to 1300 PST - Let us learn about bots - April 19
  * 1320 to 1350 PST - How to build a great chatbot - April 18

WhatsApp announcements

Facebook is not announcing any key changes to WhatsApp this Facebook F8. They have a neat session on how they upped their spam detection and action filters despite having a rigid end-to-end encryption system in place. The session goes live from 1200 to 1220 hours PST on April 19.

Workplace announcements

Workplace is Facebook’s way of offering Facebook to companies. Facebook F8 2017 will see two key sessions on what Workplace is and how it works. There will also be a session on how to integrate custom webhook integration to enrich your Workplace experience.

  * April 18 - 1430 to 1520 hours - Introduction to Workplace by Facebook
  * April 18 - 1530 to 1620 hours - Integrating custom webhook integration to your Workplace.

This time there’s a dedicated session for Camera experience

Facebook will also have key sessions on their new Camera Effects platform. Facebook has 3 topics lined up for attendees during the Facebook F8 2017 conference.

  * April 18 - 1200 to 1250 hours PST - Get creative with Facebook Camera Platform
  * April 18 - 1300 to 1350 hours PST - Building for the Facebook Camera Platform
  * April 18 - 1530 to 1620 hours PST - Getting creative with Facebook Camera Platform Frames and making great ones

Facebook seems to be taking a huge strike at Snapchat with heavy investments in this business. Will this lead to the rise of Facebook becoming a hardware company finally like how Snapchat launched Spectacles?

Media and publishers

Facebook F8 2017 will see a multitude of key announcements for media publications and will help them leverage the power of Facebook and it’s products better. All sessions are to be held on April 18.

  * 1200 to 1250 PST - Media and Facebook
  * 1300 to 1350 PST - What's new with News Feed
  * 1400 to 1450 PST - The future of video on Facebook
  * 1500 to 1550 PST - Video content that connects
  * 1600 to 1650 PST - Monetizing in a video-first environment
  * 1700 to 1745 PST - Fireside chat for a rapid discussion on the future of media

It is important to remember that Facebook announced a major feature at the last year Facebook F8 conference with Facebook Instant Articles. Let’s see what they have in line for publishers this year.

Instagram announcements

No Facebook F8 conference can not have Instagram news.

  * 1700 to 1720 hours PST - April 18 - Building offline experience for Instagram growth
  * 1300 to 1320 hours PST - April 19 - Visually connecting users and businesses

In addition to all these, Facebook will be hosting sessions at Facebook F8 2017 conference on growth, engineering, virtual reality, AI, analytics, monetization, ads and more. One can see the full schedule on their website. All sessions will see a labs session with dev garages alongside.

What are you looking to see during the Facebook F8 2017 conference? I am personally rooting for new features, group chatbots and all Messenger related announcements. We will be doing a post on key takeaways from the Facebook F8 conference right here on Briffly.