[App of the week] Unsample review

I am a huge fan of Product Hunt. I love what Product Hunt has come to since I signed up back in 2015. It has become an integral part of my life and I spend every day looking at interesting apps that can help boost my productivity, teach me new things and help me do things better.

Here’s kickstarting a new series called App of the week. I want to blog about that interesting apps that I find every other week. This can easily get crowded, yes, but I don’t want to commit to working on this series and not deliver. If I find more than one interesting app a week, I will blog about the same.

Here’s Unsample for this week.

Unsample is a easy-to-use tool to bulk download Unsplash photos in high resolution.

For those not aware of Unsplash, it’s a free website to download stock photography in high-resolution. It’s similar to Pexels, which also offers stock videos.

Unsample exists as a web app and will enable users to search for terms that they wish to download photos about, and within a click of the button, all photos can be downloaded to their computer in a zipped folder.

Unsample lets users download upto 30 photos in one call. Users can input search terms to filter image downloads based on that particular theme, use username of Unsplash photographers or collection IDs to download in bulk.

The tool doesn’t stop there. It offers more with the ability to download photos in certain orientation and users can download images based on width and height. Pro tipLeave width and height as blank to download photos in their original resolution.

Unsample is free to use, but limits downloads to 30 per call as that’s a limit from Unsplash’s API. Users can make repeated requests to download photos over 30, but Unsample doesn’t filter out duplication. There is no way users can stop duplicate photos from being downloaded, but that’s something the maker is open to doing when he gets more users.