Twitter Lite is here, as a progressive web app for slower network countries

Twitter just launched something very useful and interesting for countries with slower network speeds. Starting today, all users in all the countries can use Twitter Lite, a new progressive web app that aims at lowering the data consumption and will enable users to browse Twitter faster and better.

Twitter Lite is available as a mobile web app that can be viewed on Google Chrome, Firefox for Android and the likes. It will work with modern browsers just right and will provide an experience that is near similar to the native apps, as in Twitter for Android or iOS.

Activating Twitter Lite for your account is rather easy. Open Twitter on your mobile web browser and click on your profile photo at the top left. Go to the settings section and toggle on the Data Saver option available there. Once done, you will you notice a few keys changes to your browsing experience.

  * Page launches are faster by 30%.
  * Images do not load completely by default. They would show a blurred version rather, which can be opted in to be downloaded at your command. This applies to videos too.

By web apps are not really the choice for most, with properly rendered versions like Twitter Lite, progressive web apps sure hold a solid future for mobile developers and emerging market users from Latin America, Asia and Africa. For these apps are small in cheap and will provide updates right in the backend, without the users need to download the new version of the app.

At 1MB, Twitter Lite will provide push notifications support too for major browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox for Android. In addition to this, users can add the page to their smartphone homescreen and launch the web app at the click of a button. Know more about Twitter Lite here.