Telegram hints at voice calls launch; iOS version's causing delay

In a recent post on Twitter, Telegram has confirmed that a major update is to be rolled out for users soon. The update is supposedly the introduction of voice calls on Telegram.

This comes almost two years after the announcement of voice calling features in WhatsApp. On an important note, WhatsApp does not limit to voice calls. The app supports video calls too, which is unlikely to happen on Telegram in the near future.

The news comes off a tweet on their official page, which confirmed that the feature has been completed and awaiting launched for over 10 days. The reason for the same being, approval by Apple for the new feature on their iOS version.

A big update is coming to Telegram soon. It is currently delayed because Apple is keeping the iOS version "In review" – it's been stuck like that for more than 10 days. -- reports [Telegram Geeks](, a popular channel for Telegram enthusiasts.

In a situation when VoIP calls are getting more popular, for an app like Telegram with over 100 million active users, this will be a major, important feature that has been long pending. The feature is sure a welcome move among various users.

While it is clear that Android and iOS versions will be getting support for voice calls soon, there is no update on the same for desktop apps. Look out for news during official information.