Telegram CEO hints Bot Payments and Instant View launch

In an exciting new phase to Telegram, the CEO has reportedly hinted the launch of payments for bots and instant view platform for all of websites, amidst a range of other features for the instant messenger users. The news comes off an Instagram story published by Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, that hints at an imminent launch of a new Telegram with features similar to that of it’s counterpart, Facebook Messenger and Facebook.

Some of the most interesting features to be announced in the coming days include, payments for bots that enable bot developers to easily collect payments from users, instant view platform that enables all blog owners to submit their blog to Telegram for processing the same on Instant Views and support for improved video messages sharing with friends.

These updates are likely to be available for users in the coming days, while Vasili Shinkorenko says that these might be available in as low as 7 days.

Payments for bots

On the blog post that is supposedly to go live on Telegram’s website, Durov claims that bot payments will remain free for all developers and that there will never be any commission collected by Telegram for processing these payments from users to the developers.

Currently most of the bot developers process payments on their bots with third-party add-on by the name Stripe. This is all set to change with Telegram launching its own payments interface.

"Imagine a world where you can order a pizza, pay for a pair of shoes, hire a car or refill your metro card — all of it just by tapping a few buttons on Telegram." — Pavel Durov

Reportedly, developers will have a choice to let users choose their own choice of payment option - as in, the one with the lowest bank charges or the one that they have used lately for their payment. More information to be known when Telegram launches this feature officially, in the coming days.

Instant Views platform for all blog owners

Instant View has been available only for posts, but this is set to change as all blog owners will have an ability to submit their blogs to Instant Views platform. This will enable their readers to quickly open the blog posts right inside Telegram channels or bots. This is purely similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles that is available on the Facebook apps. This is not available on Facebook Messenger though. platform

This will be a platform for viewing video messages quickly from public channels with an ability to share on other social networks.

All these features are set to be available on Telegram mobile apps, to begin with, in the coming days. What are you rooting for of the lot? Join the discussion in the comments.