[Telegram 4.0 - Part 3] Launch of Telesco.pe, instant video messaging

Telegram is finally launching Telesco.pe. The service had been rumored to be coming soon, and it’s here. With Telegram 4.0 and above, Telesco.pe becomes possible, in real-time with the power of the new instant video messaging feature.

This is supposedly launched at celebrities who popularly use Telegram for broadcasting video updates to fans.

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Discussing video messaging on Telegram

Telegram has always support fast, real-time messaging and voice chats. Telegram wants to take this up a notch and here’s video messaging, at the same quality and speed voice messaging it achieved at.

The all new video messaging found on Telegram 4.0 and above will compress and send video messages to your friend as soon as you stop recording it. Activating video messages on Telegram is easy - tap on the mic at the bottom right of a Telegram chat screen to get a video recording button. Long-press it to create video recordings in circular format. Or, swipe up the recording button to create hands-free video recording. This works for voice recordings too!

Once you are done recording the video, the video will be sent to your recipients in real-time. Voila! It’s that simple.

Video messages are downloaded automatically by default. You can disable this on your settings tab. Additionally, Telegram has picture-in-picture mode for you to browse other parts of Telegram while incoming video messages play at the top right in a small screen.

Telesco.pe launch

Telegram is taking the concept of Telegram voice messages further and is announcing a new format called Telesco.pe, targeted at celebrities. Telesco.pe is a new format of Telegram channels, aimed purely at video sharing.

Sign up on Telesco.pe website to get a native Telesco.pe link of your choice _(example: telesco.pe/durov) _and share it with all your fans. Broadcast a video this channel, and it will be beamed to your fans/Telesco.pe channel subscribers in real-time.

Interestingly this does not require your fans to have a Telegram account to view video messages you send. A simple launch of your native Telesco.pe link will show all the video messages right here. This works on desktop web browsers and mobile web browsers.

All Telesco.pe videos shared will have a permalink of their own. You can also share these videos to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Telegram too, of course.