[Telegram 4.0 - Part 2] Instant View for all publishers, $200K contest for HTML experts

This is part 2 of what Telegram 4.0 brings. Telegram 4.0 has been primarily about 3 major features: Instant View platform for all publishers, payments for bots and Telescope launch.

We covered everything about Telegram bot payments on this article. We will be discussing what Instant View is and how you can get this enabled for your blog. Telegram is also throwing in a $200K contest for HTML experts to help them parse a set of rules that will enable a blog to work on Telegram’s Instant View platform. More on that later.

Discussing Telegram’s Instant View platform

Telegram launched Instant View in 2016, a beautiful representation of content you primarily need to see. The idea’s to achieve immediate access to content even at the poorest of internet connectivity. Telegram caches all links on their servers, which enables web pages to open faster and at the lowest of data consumption.

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Instant View initially supported Telegram’s own blog and Medium articles. Starting today, this is set to change and will enable any publisher to enable Instant View for their blogs.

Instant View is basically a Telegram parser that will scan a blog for a set of rules that will pull the most important of content from that structure. This is basically finding the useful content on a web page and ignoring the rest. The bot uses these instructions to create a slim and beautiful Instant View representation of the source page.

You can create a Instant View representation for your website/blog on the Instant View Editor page. If you are not an expert, you can hire someone well-versed with HTML to go about this. Telegram has a set of documentation put up around this on this page, or look at samples. These samples hold a set of rules that power Instant View representation for Telegram’s own blog, Telegram’s Telescope and Medium.

A $200K contest for HTML experts

To foster faster Instant View creation for news websites and blogs, Telegram is hosting a crowd-funded contest, calling call HTML experts to participate in contest. Every first successful entry will be award a flat $100 as prize.

In addition to this, the top two contributors who provide winning templates that cover the most websites until June 18, 2017 will get $10,000 and $5,000 respectively. - says Telegram

You can read more about the contest on this page. What do you think about Telegram’s Instant View now being available for all? Share your Instant View creation with us on the comments.