Telegram 4.5 brings Albums, Saved Messages and more

Telegram just announced the launch of a new version. Telegram 4.5 brings Albums, Saved Messages, Improved search, ability to pin messages in channels and more. Let’s look at each feature in detail.

[caption id=“attachment_2568” align=“aligncenter” width=“1200”] Telegram 4.5 brings a range of new features, primarily Albums and Saved Messages[/caption]

Albums on Telegram 4.5

When you send multiple photos and videos in bulk, they will not be sent as individual messages anymore. They will be grouped to being an album. This is similar to how WhatsApp started grouping photos and videos recently.

Each album can include up to 10 photos or videos, arranged in the chat as elegantly proportioned thumbnails. They will also result in one notification instead of ten on the recipient’s side.

Saved Messages

Telegram 4.5 now replaces your personal chat with a new name called “Saved Messages” You can now see a pinned “Saved Messages” button when you choose to forward messages. Sending messages, photos and videos to your “Saved Messages” section will make them available for immediate access on the dedicated “Saved Messages” chat.

Each message has an assigned “go to” button too. Clicking on it will automatically take you to the saved message’s location in the original chat.

Multiple profile photos and Photos order

When viewing a photo from an album, you’ll see other pictures from the same group as thumbnails in the lower part of the screen. Profile photos are now also displayed this way, which makes them much easier to navigate.

Improved search

Telegram 4.5 comes with improved global search that enables the ability to search for public channels and bots by their title.

Pinned messages in channels

Channel admins can now pin messages to channels, the same way it’s possible on Telegram groups. This can help focus their subscribers’ attention on important announcements. This tool can also come in handy if you want to help new subscribers navigate your channel.

New settings and iPhone X support

Telegram 4.5 comes packed with goodies for iOS users. The Settings screen and the context menu in chats got a makeover. Version 4.5 also works great on iPhone X.