How to set up 2 step verification for your internet accounts using Authy

Strong passwords are not safe anymore. There have been numerous news on data comprise, with usernames, email IDs and passwords being leaked to the general public. Amongst various hacks, a few famous leaks include Disqus’ breach in October of 2017 and LinkedIn’s breach in May of 2016. The internet as we know it isn’t safe anymore. Given the importance of personal information published on one’s internet accounts, it’s extremely important to have 2 step verification enabled for all your internet accounts.

Twitter threads are finally here; Desktop version coming soon

Twitter is officially announcing threads as a feature for all Twitter users. Until now, the feature had been in beta, available for Android users who have signed up for latest beta releases. In the coming days, all Android and iOS users will be able to tweetstorm natively using the Android or iOS app. The new threading feature on Twitter for Android and iOS will be available as a “Add another tweet” button which will be shown right below the threads you create.

Twitter is testing a tweetstorming feature on Android; Here's how to enable

Twitter is reportedly testing a new tweetstorming feature on the official Twitter app, and is enabling this feature for beta testers. Tweetstorming is a popular publishing concept that has been introduced by Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) and enables users on the world’s largest micro-blogging site to tweet content in more than 280 (previously 140) characters in successive tweets. It’s basically replying to your previous tweets multiple times, that you form a chain of tweets.

WriteRack gets a makeover, adds premium subscription features that are worth it

Tweetstorms have always been the rage, but doing that on Twitter’s official apps or website is a tad tough job, for there’s no automation support. While there are various third-party apps available to achieve the same, Writerack has been my favorite lately and they just upped the experience with a premium feature. Writerack is still remaining free for all users, except that premium users will have addition features for a better tweeting experience.

Twitter adds a chatbot in @support for self-help

Twitter is updating things at rapid fire this week. Shortly after having announced chatbot API for DMs, they have a working version right with their in-house @support account. Users can now direct messages at @support to get their issues resolved, send feedback or ask for Twitter tips and tricks. Yes, this feature requires the Twitter support account to have opened DMs for public and they have done it. Any user can start sending message to @support to chat.

Twitter opens a range of DM API to over a chatbot experience, ahead of Facebook's F8

Twitter, today, announced the launch of a range of API endpoints to offer users and brands a new chatbot experience over DM. While Twitter has always been a social sharing and networking place, this new announcement is all set to take Twitter to the next level. Facebook, Slack, Telegram and the likes have seen a huge improvement in automation standards and chatbot experiences all these days, and Twitter was always left out on this growth.

Twitter Lite is here, as a progressive web app for slower network countries

Twitter just launched something very useful and interesting for countries with slower network speeds. Starting today, all users in all the countries can use Twitter Lite, a new progressive web app that aims at lowering the data consumption and will enable users to browse Twitter faster and better. Twitter Lite is available as a mobile web app that can be viewed on Google Chrome, Firefox for Android and the likes. It will work with modern browsers just right and will provide an experience that is near similar to the native apps, as in Twitter for Android or iOS.

Twitter Eggs are passe now, at least in looks?

In a major update spree, Twitter has announced the removal of Twitter Eggs as the default profile photo for new accounts. This update comes shortly after Twitter’s removal of usernames of reply tweets to allow more space for message. Starting today, new accounts on Twitter and all the old accounts with the default egg heads will now change to the current default human silhouette. [caption id=“attachment_993” align=“aligncenter” width=“973”]Image credits: Twitter blog[/caption]

[Major Twitter change] Usernames do not count to 140 characters limit anymore

The big change is finally here. Twitter usernames will no longer count towards the 140 characters limit. With this new update, all users will get 140 characters, entirely, for their tweet replies. Users can now reply to tweets and tag as many usernames as wanted. These usernames will not add up to the 140 characters limit on the tweets. While this is works for reply tweets, it is important to note that this will not be the case for tweets that are public (non-reply tweets).