Telegram X is an official iOS app with higher speed, realized in Swift

Telegram X is a brand new iOS app that’s announced officially by Telegram Messenger LLP. The app has been completely realized in Swift language, with higher speed, slicker animations, support for themes and more efficient battery usage. It’s surprising that Telegram has decided to push out a new app, as opposed to updating the existing app on the App Store. It’s possible to use both the apps side-by-side on your iPhone or iPad, but the original Telegram app for iOS is likely to be phased out.

Telegram 4.5 brings Albums, Saved Messages and more

Telegram just announced the launch of a new version. Telegram 4.5 brings Albums, Saved Messages, Improved search, ability to pin messages in channels and more. Let’s look at each feature in detail. [caption id=“attachment_2568” align=“aligncenter” width=“1200”]Telegram 4.5 brings a range of new features, primarily Albums and Saved Messages[/caption] Albums on Telegram 4.5 When you send multiple photos and videos in bulk, they will not be sent as individual messages anymore. They will be grouped to being an album.

Telegram 4.4 on mobiles brings Live Location sharing, better music player

Telegram is launching a brand new upgrade to the Telegram mobile app for Android and iOS starting today. The new version will now support the ability to share live location with other users for a certain time, and is also featuring an improved music player. Telegram’s new live location sharing feature will enable users to share their location with other Telegram users over a private chat or with a group of users over Telegram groups or supergroups for a certain period of time.

Telegram CEO confirms they haven't moved servers/data to Iran and related countries

In a recent blog post, Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, confirmed that they have not moved servers to Iran and related countries as rumored by various media publications and related sources. In the post, Durov claimed that all reports of Telegram hosting data at servers in Iran were false and that it’s the local CDN nodes at such countries that route the data between the users and the Telegram servers.

[Telegram 4.0 - Part 3] Launch of, instant video messaging

Telegram is finally launching The service had been rumored to be coming soon, and it’s here. With Telegram 4.0 and above, becomes possible, in real-time with the power of the new instant video messaging feature. This is supposedly launched at celebrities who popularly use Telegram for broadcasting video updates to fans. Telegram 4.0 brings two other major features that you should not miss out on reading: check out Telegram payments for bots and Telegram’s new Instant View support for all.

[Telegram 4.0 - Part 2] Instant View for all publishers, $200K contest for HTML experts

This is part 2 of what Telegram 4.0 brings. Telegram 4.0 has been primarily about 3 major features: Instant View platform for all publishers, payments for bots and Telescope launch. We covered everything about Telegram bot payments on this article. We will be discussing what Instant View is and how you can get this enabled for your blog. Telegram is also throwing in a $200K contest for HTML experts to help them parse a set of rules that will enable a blog to work on Telegram’s Instant View platform.

[Telegram 4.0 - Part 1] Payments for bots

Telegram just announced the launch of version 4.0, and it turns out this is the largest update ever for Telegram. This version packs 3 powerful features, very powerful features - yes, I have to stress that! Telegram 4.0 is finally announcing the launch of payments support for bots, Telescope platform for public video broadcasting and instant view platform for almost all websites and blogs. These features have been under works for long now, and the update’s finally available for everyone to leverage the best of Telegram yet.

Telegram for desktop get calls support on the latest version

Telegram for desktop get calls support on the latest version. Starting today all users can initiate and receive calls on the official Telegram desktop app. The update is available for all users at the time of writing this post. The update is available as a 14MB package for Mac OS version of Telegram and will enable users to make crystal-clear, secure voice calls with other Telegram users. This is the first of the kind for a instant messenger to announce voice calls on the native computer apps.

[India] Here's how you get Telegram calls enabled, and our results

Telegram seems to have enabled calls for Indian users, but it isn’t quite live for everyone yet. While this might eventually hit your latest Telegram app soon, if you wish to get it right away, you can always ask for someone who has it enabled to call you. Once someone with Telegram calls enabled calls you, the feature is directly activated for you too. Noticeably this works for Telegram on Android for 3.

Telegram launches voice calls finally, implements neural network tech

Telegram has finally launched support for voice calls. The news comes off an official blog post on their website which confirms the launch. The feature is currently available for users in the Western Europe and will be made available for all other users in the other parts of the world in the coming days. It was recently reported by Briffly that Telegram has been long holding this update because of a pending approval from Apple for the iOS version.