Pinterest acquires Jelly search to strengthen fort on human search results

In a bid to strength human-powered search results, Pinterest has recently announced the acquisition of Jelly search from Twitter cofounder Biz Stone and the team. The news comes in the wee hours March 9, and claims that the company is now acquired by Pinterest. The plan seems to come off the idea that Jelly was looking forward to another round of fundraising when this acquisition plan happened to come along. With a few rounds of discussions, the company is now acquired by the image curation platform giant Pinterest.

Firefox Buys Pocket 6 Months After Instapaper's Purchase by Pinterest

In a half surprising event, Pocket has been acquired by Firefox. Back in mid-2015, Pocket became the default read-it-later application for Firefox. 2 years after the integration, Firefox now acquires Pocket for an undisclosed amount. Going forward, Pocket will make use of the largest of available resources from Firefox, while continuing to operate as an independent subsidiary of the Mozilla corporation, said the company’s CEO, Nate, in a blog post.