Ios Apps

Telegram X is an official iOS app with higher speed, realized in Swift

Telegram X is a brand new iOS app that’s announced officially by Telegram Messenger LLP. The app has been completely realized in Swift language, with higher speed, slicker animations, support for themes and more efficient battery usage. It’s surprising that Telegram has decided to push out a new app, as opposed to updating the existing app on the App Store. It’s possible to use both the apps side-by-side on your iPhone or iPad, but the original Telegram app for iOS is likely to be phased out.

WhatsApp for iOS gets 'Swipe to Reply', Filters and Tiled Albums

WhatsApp for iOS is getting a new update today and will feature 3 interesting features for users. The news comes off a TechCrunch post, which claims that the chat company told the former about these new features. Filters for media WhatsApp for iOS will now enable users to add any of the 5 different filters available, to media they share with friends. This will apply to photos, videos and GIF files.

Tapzo Gold Membership is announced at Rs 99/month, Savings off Rs 900+

Tapzo just announced the launch of Tapzo Gold Membership plan that enables users to save better with exclusive cashback offers. This is a monthly subscription package that begins at Rs 99 a month, and offers another package at Rs 249 per month. These are purely introductory prices and there is no clear information if this will be the standard during the coming days. This membership package enables users to get a flat 5% cashback on all online payment orders for cabs, food delivery orders, local offers, flight tickets and bill payments.