How to set up 2 step verification for your internet accounts using Authy

Strong passwords are not safe anymore. There have been numerous news on data comprise, with usernames, email IDs and passwords being leaked to the general public. Amongst various hacks, a few famous leaks include Disqus’ breach in October of 2017 and LinkedIn’s breach in May of 2016. The internet as we know it isn’t safe anymore. Given the importance of personal information published on one’s internet accounts, it’s extremely important to have 2 step verification enabled for all your internet accounts.

Google gets into the UPI game with Tez in India

Net banking, IMPS, and even digital wallets, are passe as opposed to the latest launches that are happening in the fintech industry lately. The latest of interesting things happening in Indian fintech market is the concept of Unified Payment Interface (UPI), and Google is the newest entrant in the market with the launch of the app named Tez. UPI enables users in India to make money transfers and make bill payments at any merchant points directly with their bank accounts using their bank accounts, all with the convenient app interface.

Google Drive apps are being retired for Drive File Stream, Backup and Sync

Google is retiring popular Google Drive apps for Mac and Windows in the coming months. Support for Google Drive Mac and Windows app will end by December 11 of this year while the products will cease to exist by the month of March 12 in 2018. Google is doing this in preference for two new tech that it hinted way back - Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync. The latter is out and is available as a replacement to both Google Drive app and Google Photos app on Mac and Windows.

Google Backup and Sync is finally available; Now backup your whole computer with Google Drive

On the last weeks of June, Google was set to launch a new game-changing feature that would redefine how cloud-powered backup systems worked. Google was to announce a new app called Backup and Sync for Mac and Windows computers that will sync all the files on the computer with your Google Drive storage. The launch was pushed to a later date for various reasons, but now though, the app is finally available for public consumption and is available on the Google Drive website.

Google Photos finally rolls out Shared Libraries and a new Suggested Sharing feature

Google is finally making Shared Libraries available for all users starting today. Google Photos Shared Libraries was announced at the Google I/O 2017 in May of 2017, and has been everyone’s highly anticipated feature since. Google Photos Shared Libraries will be available across all users starting today on iOS, Android and the web. In addition to this, Google Photos is announcing a new feature called Suggested Sharing, that creatively notifies users to share photos and videos with people they care.

Google Drive to get full system backup and sync, following Google Photos success

Google just announced that they are brining a major upgrade to how Google Drive works on June 28th of this year. Touted as the launch of a new app, named Backup and Sync, it will replace how Google Drive works currently. Currently Google Drive syncs content inside the Google Drive folder. This is set to change with Google’s new app that will backup your whole computer to Google Drive. This is primarily a small hint dropped by the G Suite team from Google, and it is still unclear as on how users could possibly backup a huge lot of all content with limited storage of 15GB (regular consumers) or 30GB (G Suite Basic users).

Google updates its gamified Maps contribution program, Local Guides, with upto 10 levels and a new perk

Google’s Local Guides program has been one of the most appreciated gamified progams in town. Local Guides enables users to enhance Google Maps by adding new properties, verification properties’ information and adding photos of places and as when they checkin at that place. It applies gamification priniciples to rank users better amongst other Google users / friends, to bring around a fun and competitive element. Local Guides has been around since long, but was always limited to acquiring a maximum level of 5.

Google Lens is Google's latest offering, harnessing the power of Google Assistant on Camera

Google just announced a brand new app, more like a feature, called Google Lens that harness the power of Google Assistant on all camera-related activities. Google Lens is the search giant’s latest offering that enables AI-powered Google Assistant on processing things that you see in real-life. With a simple scan of your a sign board, you can translate the text on that board to your local language in real-time and process this result in whatever application you want / in whatever application it can.

Live: Google I/O 2017 Live Updates

Google I/O is all set to go live in a matter of few minutes. I am Arun Sathiya and I am at the Google I/O extended event at Google Bangalore hosted by #gdgbangalore. I will be covering all the breaking updates from the keynote right on our Twitter page. Alternatively, you can read updates as they are out right here. In the meantime, do not forget to read our roundup of all the updates from Google I/O 2016.

Recalling what we saw at Google I/O 2016

Google I/O is an annual developer meet when Google announces new app launches, major software upgrades, software support for their devices and third-party OEMs. At Google I/O 2016, we saw a few major upgrades to Android as a whole - for smartphones, Android Auto, Android for other devices and more. Here’s a quick recap on what we saw last year. Key stats on last year’s Google I/O event As much as 7000 developers and bloggers attended the Google I/O event in live.