Google Chrome

Chrome for Android's offline reading gets better with new downloads features

Chrome for Android’s offline reading gets better with new downloads features announced on the latest version of the Chrome Android app. Last year, Google announced the launch of webpage downloads to enable users to read webpages without internet connectivity. The latest update on Chrome is taking this forward with the launch of new options to improve this feature. Starting today, users can download any webpage by long-pressing that link. Long-pressing that link will show a Download link button which will download the webpage locally to your Android smartphone.

Here's how you cast Amazon Prime Video (or any video) to Chromecast

Chromecast has always been helpful for casting videos from any supported platforms like YouTube, Google Play Music or Videos. But, there has not been support for casting high quality videos from websites like Hotstar, Vimeo, Amazon Prime Video where there is no support for Chromecast casting natively. This is changing with the launch of a new feature on the Chrome web browser for computers. The Chrome team has announced a new feature that will let users to cast any video from any website to the Chromecast device in high quality by enabling Media Remoting feature.

FB Unseen enables your privacy on Facebook chat by letting you take control

FB Unseen is the hottest web browser plugin in town that enables your privacy on Facebook chat by letting you take control. The plugin was recently published on ProductHunt and has been racking up over 150 upvotes in less than 2 days. FB Unseen is a suite of a range of privacy features that works on Facebook chat on Facebook website and on the Facebook Messenger website. Currently available as a web browser plugin, this works with Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Chromer 1.7 brings AMP support and Article mode

Chromer 1.7 is out on the Google Play Store and enables AMP support and article reading feature amongst other new features. In a Reddit post, the developer announced the new launch yesterday, and introduced the two new features, major design change, web view fallback and history option. The popular Chrome Custom Tabs (CCT) based app has been raking up downloads lately and is very popular among Android enthusiasts for minimal weight Chrome tabs.