Facebook Messenger

Caprine is easily the best cross-platform app for Facebook Messenger

Caprine is a shiny new cross-platform app that enables Facebook Messenger access right on your computer. Facebook does not offer an official app for Facebook or Messenger as yet, but the solution to this necessity is set to change with the availability for third-party apps. Caprine is the newest third-party app that is build atop Electron and is available for all three major desktop OS - Mac, Windows and Linux. Electron is a framework for creating native desktop applications with existing web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Facebook Spaces is the social giant's latest bet on VR tech

Facebook Spaces is the social giant’s latest bet on VR tech. Rachel Franklin took the stage yesterday at the Facebook F8 2017 conference and announced the launch of Facebook Spaces. This is not to be confused with Google Spaces, which shut down rather abruptly. Google Spaces was a cross-platform app for group discussions and messaging. Facebook Spaces is rather the social giant’s largest and latest bet on VR tech. Facebook Spaces is a new suite of interesting VR-related features and experiences that enables users to connect with their loved ones in VR view.

Here's understanding Facebook Messenger chat extensions better

Here’s understanding Facebook Messenger chat extensions better. Facebook announced the launch of chat extensions on Messenger today at the Facebook F8 2017 conference. Chat extensions are basically other brands’ bots that enable you to order a service, hook into their engines and do more. The idea of chat extensions is purely to enrich users’ experience on being updated on the latest of information, collaborating over ideas and making plans, ordering services together and doing similar things.

All the major Facebook Messenger features announced at the F8

Facebook Messenger just got a huge, huge upgrade. Chat extensions, a more robust M integration, games and a bot discovering engine are key changes the Facebook F8 2017’s brought to Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger recently clocked 1.2 billion active monthly users and it looks like Facebook is taking all it can to make Messenger everyone’s natural choice for messaging. Chat extensions to shape brands’ future Remember when they announced bots for Facebook Messenger at the last Facebook F8 conference?

FB Unseen enables your privacy on Facebook chat by letting you take control

FB Unseen is the hottest web browser plugin in town that enables your privacy on Facebook chat by letting you take control. The plugin was recently published on ProductHunt and has been racking up over 150 upvotes in less than 2 days. FB Unseen is a suite of a range of privacy features that works on Facebook chat on Facebook website and on the Facebook Messenger website. Currently available as a web browser plugin, this works with Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Here's what to look out for at Facebook F8 2017

Facebook F8 2017 conference is scheduled to happen on the 18th and 19th of this month, April, 2017. While this annual conference for developers and consumers brings around a range of new updates every where, the interests and speculations have been strangely high this year. Update: Facebook F8 is set to kick off in less than 2 hours. Tune in to the live stream page to watch live or follow this page here on Briffly.

[US] Facebook announces group payments in Messenger

Facebook is launching a range of new features lately on the Messenger platform. Starting today, users can now send and request money in Facebook groups. This easily enables the possibility of splitting bills between friends right inside group chats. Money transfer has been available lately on the Messenger app. Since 2015, Facebook has been allowing users to send and request money between friends. While this feature has still been limited to US, there are huge chances that Facebook might as well open that to everyone across the world at the Facebook F8 conference that is happening in the US this April 18 and 19.