Super Mario Run debuts on Android at $0.99, Learn and Download here

Super Mario Run is now available on Android. 3 months have having been available for iOS users, the game is now available on Google Play Store, all polished and free of bugs. The game costs 0.99 USD and is available with 3 stages for the initial gameplay. This is available as an in-app purchase. More stages might be added to future builds.

Super Mario Run is a bit off the original Mario series, but the story remains the same. You will be Mario and will be on an mission to save Peach from Bowser.

Unlike the original Mario series, in this gameplay Mario will be running and jumping automatically across all obstacles and enemies. All you need to do is, control Mario for long jumps and collect coins, while Mario is continuously going forward on the gameplay.

The gaming dynamics becomes even more interesting with abilities to build your own kingdom and compete with your friends. It’s worth all the fun with this feature.

There is a neat storyline guide that appears along the gameplay every other minute, taking you along the kingdom episodes and explains Toad Rally. Toad Rally is basically competing with opponents over roping in Toads to join your kingdom. The game gets interesting with all the in-app purchase for coins, Toad signups, level ups and more.

Currently available on the Google Play Store for most users, Super Mario Run is relatively a huge download at 60MB. This is just for the app with the initial course. There is a 3 stage download set that happens later. Get the game on Google Play Store here. Alternatively, get the APK here.

Thanks on the APK link, Shimon!