How to sort Google Drive files based on quota used

Here is how to sort files on your Google Drive account based on the quota used. Clearing unused files just became easier.

List of file types supported on Google Drive

If you have always wondered how you can sort files on your Google Drive account in the order of storage consumption, there is neat trick available that will enable you to do just this.

For those feeling left out, Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage service that allows users to store documents, photos and videos, and more to their cloud account. Files stored in your Google Drive account will synchronise across all devices you are logged in.

Google Drive offers options to sort files based on alphabetical order, file ownership and file modification date.

There is no option to sort files in a Google Drive account based on file size, on the dashboard though.

Fortunately, Google provides a special link that does just this. Visit the Google Drive quota page and you will automatically be shown all files on your Google Drive account, in the order of largest sized to the smallest sized.

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You can choose delete, move, rename or do other operations on these files like you would normally do on a regular Google Drive dashboard screen.