Snapchat introduces PokemonGo-like AR experience with New World Lenses

Snapchat is no more that company that offers disappearing multimedia sharing app / social network. The app’s evolved over the days and the company’s been gearing towards camera-based challenges and applications, ever since the company filed for IPO in 2017.

The latest offering from Snap is the announcement of New World Lenses that superimposes design effects on your real-world view using your Snapchat app’s rear camera. This can be visualized similar to the PokemonGo experience that stole all our hearts back in 2016.

The world is moving towards AR and VR experiences with a ton of innovative and successful breakthroughs.

Until recently Snapchat enabled these camera effects on the front camera by the name of Lenses, but with the new launch of New World Lenses, this takes users to a whole lot of new level. Watch the video below to see what and how Snap’s New World Lenses work.

The feature is available on the Snapchat app as an update and will be rolling to all the users in the coming days.