How to share Instagram posts to WhatsApp or Messenger in one click

It looks like Facebook is putting together all its products together with a new integration on Instagram that allows users to share Instagram posts across on WhatsApp and Messenger. A feature on the Instagram mobile app now allows users to share Instagram images or videos on WhatsApp or Messenger, or both.

Clicking on a post’s share gear at the top right now shows a _Share on WhatsApp _or Share on Messenger button, or both, if you have both installed. The idea’s to enable people to easily share public Instagram content with friends.

Using the feature seems to need no explanation. Once you click the Share on WhatsApp or Share on Messenger button, the respective app is immediately launched and the shared media is attached to the conversation. You can enter a caption of your choice and send the message.

It is noticeable that users can also set the media to their Status on WhatsApp instead of sending across to another person. This works only for images, and Facebook isn’t supporting videos in this process yet.

With this feature baked in officially, gone are those days when you had to save the Instagram image using third-party apps and then attach it manually on WhatsApp, Messenger or any other chat app of your choice. It is interesting to see how Facebook is putting together all the products together.