app is the hottest new craze among teenagers for anonymous feedback app is the hottest new craze about teenagers for anonymous feedback. Read as Say At Me, the app enables users to collect anonymous feedback from anyone. This is available as a web app and as an Android app.

Using the app is simple. Sign up on the website or the Android app and generate your unique URL. People can now visit this page to comment anonymous feedback about you or your product. Basically, the app is a fun way to get input on things you would like to know for self-development.

We hacked our way around the app and found that it’s really easy to get started with collecting requests, or submitting requests to other collectors. The messages you publish are anonymous as long as you do not mention confidential data on your message.

If you have a account too, you can allow the other person to respond to your comment and you can get the conversation going as a private chat. The chat still continues to remain anonymous and your name will not be shown to the public or the other person.

Also, interestingly, if you are commenting on someone’s profile for the second time, it will continue to remain as a separate comment, anonymously. The collector will never know that you dropped the first comment and dropped the second comment too. All comments are anonymously separate. also allows users to friend other people. This way, users can generate a newsfeed view which shows what the public has commented on your friends’ walls. This way, it can touted as the Facebook of anonymous messaging. is easily one of the most interesting apps of the decade that enables people to collect anonymous feedback or messages. This can be routed as a marketing hack too for brands to collect genuine feedback from people about their apps, anonymously, who might shy out otherwise. Sign up on or get their Android app.