One can now save Instagram Live videos

One can now save Instagram Live videos. Starting today, an update is being rolled out to users across iOS and Android with an ability for them to save their Instagram Live videos. Until yesterday, case was that users can go live on Instagram, but not save the capture to their local storage.

Contrastingly, Facebook automatically saves the Live videos to their profile so that users can see the video later.

With this feature being available on Instagram now, users can actually broadcast it live to their viewers and also save the video to their local storage on the phone for sharing it across later.

Instagram does not seem to have an option to publish the video to their Instagram gallery just yet. This feature might be available after all in the coming days.

While Live is a pretty neat feature, there isn’t much adoption for this though. Users use Stories the most for sharing pieces of their daily life.

The new feature is now available on Instagram 10.12 and above on Google Play Store and iOS app store. Via