Pinterest acquires Jelly search to strengthen fort on human search results

In a bid to strength human-powered search results, Pinterest has recently announced the acquisition of Jelly search from Twitter cofounder Biz Stone and the team.

The news comes in the wee hours March 9, and claims that the company is now acquired by Pinterest. The plan seems to come off the idea that Jelly was looking forward to another round of fundraising when this acquisition plan happened to come along. With a few rounds of discussions, the company is now acquired by the image curation platform giant Pinterest.

This comes as a second acquisition to Pinterest, which earlier acquired Instapaper in the year 2016.

While it is unclear as to what Pinterest is up at it’s heels, it seems like Pinterest might be building a human-powered search and curation platform for media and articles, talking about Instapaper purchase too.

As for Jelly, it is not really a search engine as Google, Bing or the likes are. Jelly can be regarded as a Quora-like website, except that it’s more about asking questions that are normally posed at Google and Bing, instead of putting up inspiration knowledge sharing as on Quora.

Jelly has integrations baked right into Twitter, obviously, and users can ask questions with #askjelly or use the same hashtag to reply to questions. The user who asked the question would be informed about the new answer by the community, either on email or by web push notifications, based on her subscription.

It is important that we differentiate Jelly from the likes of Google and Bing. Jelly is a completely different search site, purely aimed at human-curated replies. It should be interesting to see what Pinterest builds off Jelly. Will Jelly see a presence on Pinterest or will operate as a separate entity? I bet it will be baked right into Pinterest, but have no idea why.