Publishers, Facebook is limiting link preview customizing; Here’s what to do

Facebook now requires you to verify your domains if you want link preview customization features. Here's how you can verify your domains.

Facebook launches Snooze, a muting feature similar to Twitter’s Mute

Facebook announces a new feature called Snooze to temporarily block posts from people, Pages or Groups you don't want to see, for 30 days.

Firefox Focus v4 brings autocomplete, custom search engines

Mozilla just announced the launch of Firefox Focus v4 that brings URL autocomplete and custom search engines.

Twitter threads are finally here; Desktop version coming soon

Twitter has officially launched threads. Twitter threads is a native feature on the Android and iOS app for tweetstorming. Desktop version is coming soon.

How to sort Google Drive files based on quota used

Here is how to sort files on your Google Drive account based on the quota used. Clearing unused files just became easier.

How to enable snow effect on your WordPress site without plugins

Here is how to enable snow effect on your and self-hosted WordPress ( sites without plugins.

Twitter is testing a tweetstorming feature on Android; Here’s how to enable

Twitter is reportedly testing a tweetstorming feature on the Android app that will allow users to send multiple 280 character tweets in one go.

[App of the week] Unsample review

Unsample is a easy-to-use web app that lets you download photos from Unsplash in bulk. Get downloadable zipped stock photos for free.

Telegram 4.5 brings Albums, Saved Messages and more

Telegram 4.5 brings a range of new features, primarily Albums and Saved Messages.

OnePlus 5T to launch on November 16; Live telecast at PVR cinemas

OnePlus is launching OnePlus 5T on the 16th of November and will offer fans to attend live telecast at PVR cinemas.