YouTube has a new dark mode and here's how you enable it

Update: YouTube’s finally making the new dark mode available for all. Here’s a quick preview on the launch. The below guide is no longer needed. Head to the preview page and enable the new look for your YouTube account. Apparently, YouTube has a new dark mode and anyone can activate it right away. This came of as a surprise to most users when this hack was leaked on Twitter, and upon trying, this seemed to work just fine for me.

Instagram merges messages and disappearing visual content into a single Direct

Instagram merges messages and disappearing visual content into a single Direct with the latest update on the Android and iOS apps. Starting today, users will see messages and disappearing photos/videos in the same conversation screen. Since our last update in November 2016, the number of people using Direct has grown from 300 million to 375 million. We want to make Direct the best place to have fun, visual conversations with your friends.

Amazon India gets a wallets license authorized by RBI

In a recent report, word is that Amazon India gets a wallets license authorized by RBI and might begins operations soon. The news comes of MediaNama, and is reportedly confirming that Amazon India now is one of the 84 companies to have got this license to operate payments in India. With this, Amazon can handle customers’ money in a closed environment, within Amazon and their partners, for purchasing goods. The license is reportedly issued to Amazon on March 22 of 2017 and is valid until March 31 of 2022.

Twitter adds a chatbot in @support for self-help

Twitter is updating things at rapid fire this week. Shortly after having announced chatbot API for DMs, they have a working version right with their in-house @support account. Users can now direct messages at @support to get their issues resolved, send feedback or ask for Twitter tips and tricks. Yes, this feature requires the Twitter support account to have opened DMs for public and they have done it. Any user can start sending message to @support to chat.

Freshdesk's Save The Hacker 2017 registrations open; to happen on May 5-7

Freshdesk’s finally opened registrations for Save The Hacker 2017. Save The Hacker is an annual tradition hosted by Freshdesk to encourage and promote app development between students and working employees. Going by their popular Fight mediocrity. Help us save the hacker in you. line, Save The Hacker will happen over 3 days and will call hackers of all kinds to come to the event place to collaborate and build cool apps.

Here's what to look out for at Facebook F8 2017

Facebook F8 2017 conference is scheduled to happen on the 18th and 19th of this month, April, 2017. While this annual conference for developers and consumers brings around a range of new updates every where, the interests and speculations have been strangely high this year. Update: Facebook F8 is set to kick off in less than 2 hours. Tune in to the live stream page to watch live or follow this page here on Briffly.

Google's AutoDraw leverages AI to render your doodles

Google’s up to something very interesting for designers with AutoDraw. It’s their latest webapp that allows anyone to create doodles harnessed with the power of Artificial Intelligence. The webapp is free to use and is open to everyone across the world. AutoDraw enables anyone to scribble their thoughts into doodles, while automatically trying to learn what you are drawing and will show related figurines that were created as templates by talented artists earlier.

[US] Facebook announces group payments in Messenger

Facebook is launching a range of new features lately on the Messenger platform. Starting today, users can now send and request money in Facebook groups. This easily enables the possibility of splitting bills between friends right inside group chats. Money transfer has been available lately on the Messenger app. Since 2015, Facebook has been allowing users to send and request money between friends. While this feature has still been limited to US, there are huge chances that Facebook might as well open that to everyone across the world at the Facebook F8 conference that is happening in the US this April 18 and 19.

Paytm's newest update holds your Uber ride money during transit

Paytm just announced a new update to your Paytm wallet transaction workflow. Starting today, Paytm will be blocking your Uber can ride money during transit. This is purely a feature to curb people from misusing the feature. It is reported that people have been misusing the Paytm wallet payment feature on Uber, by using the Paytm wallet money during ride and thus eventually gaining a free cab ride. The latest update ensures that the Uber cab ride amount is put on hold on your Paytm wallet account and does not let you to use it for other payment transactions.

Jio announces DhanDhanaDhan Offer; What are they even trying here?

Jio’s latest announcement is here and it’s a brand new offer package. Calling it the Jio DhanDhanaDhan Offer, users will be entitled to get 84 days of free Jio usage on paying Rs 309 or Rs 509. This looks a lot like the existing Jio Summer Surprise Offer, but the existing Jio Summer Surprise Offer users will not be able to redeem the Jio DhanDhanaDhan Offer. Jio’s basically duplicating the Jio Summer Surprise Offer and is calling it the Jio DhanDhanaDhan Offer here.