Ola Wheels is Ola's ingenious April Fools Day prank

In an ingenious yet predictive April fools day prank ideas, Ola cabs announced Ola Wheels. Ola Wheels is your next gen transportation choice for navigating across places within an environment - say, within your office campus or within a hospital campus.

Ola Wheels is available as a feature that’s baked right inside the regular Ola cabs app and consumers can call for a vehicle at the click of a button. Ola Wheels enables a segway hoverboard to arrive at your location and will take you across to the places you request.

Ola Wheels also bundles in Ola Play for your entertainment needs during travel, Ola Voice Controlled Travel Companion (VTC) for communicating with your vehicle. Ola Wheels also comes with Ola Share features to share the same hoverboard ride with your friend.

In a cheeky note, the company also promotes an exclusive deal for first-time riders. Use the promo code APR1 to get your first Ola Wheels ride for free, and Nikita Rumwal, product head at Ola ends the video with a statement that Ola cabs is a lot more than just being a transportation company. Ola Wheels is currently available at certain office campuses. To be available at hospitals, railway stations and other prominent public places soon. Ola Wheels website. Sign up here to get an invite on your Ola cabs app.