Truecaller brings Truemessenger into original app, Supports UPI, Duo integration and more

At the Truecaller event today, Truecaller announced a multitude of new feature that enhance one’s experience with Truecaller. The contact identity analyzer app has announced a full-fledged, more powerful product transformation with this update at their first Stay ahead annual event.

The 5 new features available on Truecaller as a part of this announcement include: Brings into the goodness of Truemessenger into Truecaller, Announces Truecaller Pay for India, Announces integration with Google Duo, Launches Flash messaging and Airtel Truecaller ID for feature phones.

Truemessenger features baked right inside Truecaller

Truemessenger has been one of Truecaller’s strongest performing features. With a solid support for spam protection from unknown senders, automatic blocking of telemarketing SMS, blocking of numbers based on number or name series, Truemessenger is truly a richful experience for consumers of any kind.

Starting today, Truemessenger features will be available right into Truecaller, eliminating the need to have a separate app for the same. This is available for Android users for the time being.

Truecaller Pay in India

Truecaller also announced the launch of UPI services in India, in partnership with ICICI bank. Users can now send and request money right into the Truecaller app.

UPI has been fast evolving as a fintech standard in India for efficient and fast payment transactions, and the Truecaller integration should make this available for Truecaller users, without the need for having bank’s UPI apps or third-party UPI apps like BHIM and PhonePe.

Coming as a partnership with ICICI, Truecaller will be using state-of-the-art security measures and will not park your bank account information and card details. UPI is a completely safe mode of payments and is nearly the future of Indian payments.

Flash messaging

Here’s Flash messaging. One can toute this to be another messenger. Users can now look for their contacts with the Flash messaging icon and send a pre-defined question to get an immediate response. You can ask for a quick lunch confirmation, send location and do more with this new messenger app.

All your recipient needs to do is, choose from the list of pre-defined answers or tap on an emoji to reply.

Integration with Google Duo

Truecaller is upping the Google Duo experience by integration Google Duo right inside Truecaller. People can initiate Duo calls and on every call, Truecaller keeps learning continuously to improve the spamblocking options, and provide more value to Google Duo consumers.

This integration will be available on Android and iOS will be happening in the coming months. iOS users can opt off this feature at any point of time.

Airtel Truecaller ID for feature phones

Of all the announcements at the Truecaller 8 event, this is my most favorite. Airtel users using feature phones will now be able to capitalize on Truecaller’s useful information. The feature phones will now start displaying the caller name right on the screen.

This is a subscription-based feature and will be available as an opt-in starting April.

All these features will be available on Truecaller in the coming weeks. Look out for updates on your app stores.