Google updates its gamified Maps contribution program, Local Guides, with upto 10 levels and a new perk

Google’s Local Guides program has been one of the most appreciated gamified progams in town. Local Guides enables users to enhance Google Maps by adding new properties, verification properties’ information and adding photos of places and as when they checkin at that place. It applies gamification priniciples to rank users better amongst other Google users / friends, to bring around a fun and competitive element.

Local Guides has been around since long, but was always limited to acquiring a maximum level of 5. Starting today though, Google is changing this. Local Guides now ranks users in levels upto level 10, bringing around more perks and inspiring people to contribute more to Google Maps.

Google Maps is not really built from the ground up by Google. It owns the framework. People add information and contribute information to Google Maps, enhancing accuracy on the platform.

Getting back at Google Local Guides, users will now receive different points for different activities performed. This wasn’t the case before the update: users would receive 1 point for place, for any activity checked.

Starting with this update though, users will receive higher points for adding points, or suggest edits at 5 point per activity. Users will receive a flat 15 points for adding a new place on the maps, and 1 point per answer or fact checked.

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This should positively bring around improved engagement and inspire users to clock more points for better perks.

[caption id=“attachment_2138” align=“aligncenter” width=“999”]New level 4 perks on Google Local Guides.jpg Image credits: Google Local Guides[/caption]

With this update, Google is also announcing a brand new perk in Google Play Music / Google Play Movies for users with level 4 and above. Now get a flat 3 months of free Google Play Music use and 75% off one movie rental on Google Play Movies in the United States. This is available worldwide though, with US content.

The change’s live at the time of writing this post, and all old scores will be moved to the new ranking system for all as soon as possible.

If you are new to Google Local Guides, open Google Maps and click the hamburger menu at the top left, and choose Your contributions to get started. Google Maps is available for download for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.