Mozilla launches the fastest Firefox ever with advanced screenshots tool

Mozilla just announced the launch of the fastest Firefox experience ever by the name Firefox Quantum. Firefox Quantum is basically Firefox 57 on the desktop and brings users the fastest and smooth Firefox experience yet. Firefox Quantum is launching on November 14 on desktop, iOS and Android, for the enthusiasts, it’s available to download today in beta.

Firefox Quantum is built on Mozilla’s Servo research project to enable a better Firefox experience by utilizing the core hardware of the modern computers. “Firefox has historically run mostly on just one CPU core, but Firefox Quantum takes advantage of multiple CPU cores in today’s desktop and mobile devices much more effectively.” says Mozilla.

Firefox Quantum is also getting a major design overhaul to bring better user interface experience to users by the results obtained by project Photon. Photon project enables Mozilla designers to leverage the power of high DPI displays and provide the best visual experience to users. For computers like Windows 10 with touch screen, Firefox 57 will automatically resize the menu buttons based on whether the touch is made using mouse or fingers.

Firefox 57 also brings in a major feature called Screenshots. Screenshots is a separate Mozilla project and brings around an option to take screenshots on webpages based on the webpage elements. Users can capture the whole screen or capture only parts of the screen by focusing the mouse on the element that they want to capture. This can be incredibly helpful when users want to take pixel-perfect rendition of what they see on the screen as images.

Interested people can sign up for Firefox Quantum updates on Mozilla website or download the beta right away as mentioned on that website.