Messenger F8 Bot is a must-have if you are attending the conference

Messenger F8 Bot is a must-have if you are attending the conference. The bot has been around on Facebook for some time now, but was being in the works. Now though, the bot is available for everyone’s use and is powered by a range of interesting conference-related information.

The bot allows you to see all the Facebook Messenger schedule at the popular Facebook F8 2017 developer meetup, connect with fellow people attending the meetup, unlock giveaways and do more. It also shares a WiFi connection credentials if you attending the meetup. You can use this to connect to the WiFi network at the meetup place in San Jose.

Making it easier for you, the WiFi username and login keys are: FB2017, community.

The bot is available for free on Facebook Messenger and can be used by anyone. While it’s available for public use, it works best to those going to the Facebook F8 conference.

Facebook seems to be making full use of the Facebook Messenger badges. Once you checkin and enter the event place, get your badge at the registration area between 8am and 5pm PST on April 18 or 19. Once you are done getting your badge, scan your badge with your Facebook Messenger app and the bot will keeping track of all the connections that you make at F8.

Are you checking in at the Facebook F8 2017 today? Share photos with us here or on our social pages! Also, on that note, what are you looking forward to see at the Facebook F8 2017 conference? I am personally rooting for group bots on Facebook Messenger and bots on WhatsApp.