Medium announces membership program; $5 a month with premium content

Medium just announced the launch of a paid membership program that allows users to experience an improved Medium, with offline reading list support, early access to new Medium features. Medium also states that they would be bundling in exclusive stories from top writers as a part of this subscription program.

Costing 5 USD a month, this will continue Medium on an ad-free experience. While this does not directly go to the company, Medium will be using this to pay top writers and help build a balanced economic writing network. Seasoned writers can share their stories and get paid, while readers will get to read the best of content.

As a founding member, your contributions will be used to directly pay writers and publishers. That means new content that wouldn’t otherwise be on Medium—or wouldn’t exist at all. You’ll have access to exclusive stories from leading experts, including your favorite Medium writers, on topics that matter not just today, but tomorrow too.

In addition to providing premium content, Medium will be offering membership program users the ability to get the latest new features before it is launched for regular users. As a premium user, you get to see new design changes and new features earlier than others.

Medium also says that it would bundle in a new feature for users to save and read content offline. The offline reading list is my personal favorite off this new program. Medium is still building this membership program. Sign up here.