MapMyIndia is Building the Aadhar for Addresses and is commendable

India’s fast changing with the rise of services like Aadhar and UPI to identify and tag every person in the country. From fintech solutions to advancements in Aadhar-based subscriptions or related activities, there has been exponential growth in Digital India initiative.

In a similar enthusiasm and as a solution to a major consumer problem in India, MapMyIndia is building a Aadhar-like tagging system for addresses in India.

Calling it the eLoc, every address in India is assigned a 6 characters alphanumeric code that can be used for getting to a particular destination. MapMyIndia capitalises on the fact that eLoc is a solid foundation for accurate address information, to enable safer and improved navigation.

A little dig at the system, and it looks like eLoc could supposedly be the future of sharing addresses in India, and should actually solve navigation problems. From delivery management teams to taxi dropoff, from emergency response arrival to property administration and taxation, eLoc is likely to find application in a range of service.

Founded by Rakesh Verma and Rashmi Verma, MapMyIndia is India’s popular navigation and mapping system. The company claims there are over 20 million, 2 crore, eLoc values generated till date and that is growing everyday.

Finding a place’s eLoc seems to be easy. Search for the address on MapMyIndia website or their mobile apps, and you would get the eLoc ID shown right there.

I did a quick check for my office, Freshdesk, SP Infocity, Chennai, and it turns out the eLoc is FO8CMU.

Interesting, MapMyIndia claims that eLoc data is so accurate that the navigation until the doorstep goes unhindered. While Google Maps is caching on highly improved data and user-supported reviews, does MapMyIndia have a chance here to be the next big in India? I am personally rooting for eLoc’s success though.