Ixigo announces Ixigo Money, limit-free wallet balance

Ixigo is announcing Ixigo money today, and this is the company’s first closed wallet system. It introduces an ability for users to hold their cashback money on their account and redeem it for future flight bookings.

Ixigo is popularly known for providing extra cashback on flight ticket bookings, atop the existing discounts and deals offered by airline partners. Until October 12, Ixigo had partnered with Citrus wallet and Tapzo wallet to provide cashback. Starting October 13th, Ixigo is transitioning the company’s cashback redemption process to a closed-wallet by the name of Ixigo money.

[caption id=“attachment_2537” align=“aligncenter” width=“1200”]Ixigo is announcing a gimmick-free, limit-free closed wallet. Earn and redeem cashback truly unlimited number of times. Ixigo is announcing a gimmick-free, limit-free closed wallet. Earn and redeem cashback truly unlimited number of times.[/caption]

Ixigo calls this a gimmick-free, limit-free wallet that can be used truly unlimited times for accumulating and redeeming cashback. Here are few key pointers that users should understand.

  * When you use coupon codes shown on Ixigo while booking flight tickets, cashback will be processed to your Ixigo money, going forward, and not to your Citrus wallet or Tapzo wallet.
  * Ixigo money cannot be withdrawn to bank.
  * One can earn Ixigo money unlimited number of times per month.
  * Minimum transaction charges are imposed, as opposed to the no minimum transaction charges that was available previously.
  * Ixigo money can be accumulated on unlimited number of bookings.
  * Ixigo money can be redeemed on unlimited number of bookings.
  * Convenience fee levied by airline partners will be waived off if one pays the **whole transaction amount with Ixigo money**.

Ixigo money can be earned only by Ixigo money vouchers offered during promotions or by the coupon code used during flight ticket bookings.

While this looks impressive at first glance, it has its fair share of ups and downs. It’s impressive that Ixigo money has no limits, but the fact that minimum transaction charges are now imposed at Rs 1000, for now, could be overwhelming for users who are used to receiving cashback at no minimum transaction value. But, on the other hand convenience fee will be levied off if the total amount is paid with Ixigo money.

On a related note though, with Tapzo Gold membership, users can get convenience fee refunded. Booking happens on Ixigo via Tapzo. Read more about it here - Tapzo Gold membership starts at Rs 99 with a range of offers.