Ixigo Glass is the latest, revolutionary meta search tool for travelers

Ixigo announced it’s largest ever product ever in Ixigo Glass. Ixigo Glass is a wearable glass that enables users to search for information on things around them in real-time. The news comes off a Twitter post by the founder. Ixigo Glass constantly looks out for items along your line and projects visual information about them in seconds.

Ixigo claims that this has been in works for over 3 years now, and with strong presence of machine learning, predictive analysis and augmented reality, this is by far the most interesting piece of tech after Google Glass for consumers on constant travel.

It has a 12 MP camera at the center that captures visual data and the glass searches for information. There is a button on the left which when pressed initiates the camera to capture data. The glass comes with a USB port on the right which can be used to charge the glass.

Currently Ixigo Glass is being offered for free to the first 10K subscribers. Head to the Ixigo Glass signup page and reserve your spot.

Or, this might turn out to be an April fools day prank. Look out!