Instagram gets face filters, reverse video playback, hashtag search on stories and erasing tool

Facebook just rolled out a new update to Instagram on Android and iOS. With the update, Instagram gets face filters, reverse video playback, hashtag search on stories and erasing tool and these features are available for all users starting today.

Make sure you are updated to the latest version of Instagram for Android or iOS and launch the app to see these new features: Instagram gets face filters like how Facebook app has on stories, reverse playback to share your videos on stories in reverse, hashtag search on stories and finally, there’s a new button to erase colors and inputs you create on stories on Instagram.

Face filters

Face filters have been available on SnapChat for long and Facebook’s Android and iOS app has been having it since some time now. This has been taken forward with this now being available on Instagram for iOS and Android. Users can take photos, videos or boomerangs and add face filters to the creation before sharing it to the world.

Facebook’s announcing 8 filter sets currently and is likely to increase in the coming days. The initial set comprises of furry Koala ears, math equations and more. These work for single user snaps or snaps containing multiple users. These face filters can be used on content being published to stories as well as on Direct Messaging.

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The announcement comes off a post by Mark Zuckerberg, which reads “These kinds of effects are how we’ll experience augmented reality for the first time”.

The face filters are available at the bottom right of the story creation screen.

Reverse video playback

Instagram has been having 4 major formats for stories: Live, Normal, Boomerang and Hands-free. Facebook is announcing a new format starting today and calls it Rewind. Rewind enables you to create Hands-free video, but reverses the playback. You can add this to your story or share to a friend on Direct Messaging.

This can be particularly interesting when you drop a mic to the floor and play it in reverse - making it look like the mic’s flying to your hands from the bottom, magic!

Hashtag search on stories

You can now add hashtag to your stories as regular text and Instagram will convert that to a searchable action button. Anyone can click that hashtag on your story to find related posts. Related posts are normal Instagram posts and are not Instagram stories. This can change in the coming days though - as in, related stories based on hashtag.

Alternatively, click on the sticker set at the top right and click #HASHTAG. Enter a hashtag name and it will replace the existing template.

Erasing tool for stories

Instagram for Android and iOS now has a new erasing tool for stories. You can erase design you add to your stories. The tool does not erase the original image though. One nifty trick: you can add color to the whole lot of screen and erase only parts you want to, bringing about a creative display.

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These updates are available for all users at the time of writing this post. This requires no update. Open the Instagram app to see these.