Here's understanding Facebook Messenger chat extensions better

Here’s understanding Facebook Messenger chat extensions better. Facebook announced the launch of chat extensions on Messenger today at the Facebook F8 2017 conference. Chat extensions are basically other brands’ bots that enable you to order a service, hook into their engines and do more.

The idea of chat extensions is purely to enrich users’ experience on being updated on the latest of information, collaborating over ideas and making plans, ordering services together and doing similar things.

Chatbots are taking over the world, by allowing businesses to market their events better, solving real world problems at the click of a button. How do you like the idea of calling a Uber ride to your home with the click of a button on your Facebook group chat, ordering a food delivery or listening to songs on Apple Music with your college buddies over a Facebook group chat? That’s exactly what chat extensions does on Facebook Messenger.

Chat extensions allows multiple users to chat with the same business bot at the same time.

Whether you are talking about that hot match event that happened last evening or creating a list of groceries you want to purchase, you can discuss these better for Facebook Messenger group chats with chat extensions now.

Facebook Messenger chat extensions is slowly rolling out to all users across the world starting today. Discovering chatbots and enabling these on your group chats is rather easy. Click on the + button at the bottom left of a Facebook Messenger group chat, and choose chat extensions to activate the brand bot of your choice.

Some of the top chat extensions available on Facebook Messenger currently include Spotify, OpenTable, Uber, Giphy, NBA and Food network. Facebook is constantly adding new chat extensions to the list and is collaborating with brands larger than ever. Developers are welcomed to submit their juiciest of chat extensions and Facebook is betting big on Messenger chatbots with this update.

Do you notice any interesting chat extension on Facebook Messenger? Share the best of the lot with us over the comments section here, and we might do a post on the best ones soon.