Google's Area 120 brings video and audio chat apps

It is no mystery that Google has a strange love affair with communication apps. While Google has been racking up a ton of messaging apps in Hangouts, Meet, Allo and Duo, their incubator, Area 120, seems to be following the same path and is launching new communication apps.

Interestingly though, the new apps from Area 120 are new and seem all innovative. The first’s Uptime and enables easy video sharing with friends. The other’s Supersonic and enables users to make audio chats which quickly convert to emoji too.

Uptime is all about a place to share and watch videos together with friends no matter where they are. One can easily share YouTube video with friends on this app, see things together, and discuss.

While Uptime launched two days back, the latest is Supersonic from Area 120. Supersonic converts your voice messages immediately into emoji-based text messages. The recipients can either hear out the voice messages and reply back by voice, or read the emoji text to get the message.

While emoji is taking over the world by strong, this is not really the choice of communication though for most users, at least for me. Reading emoji by mental conversion is hard. Emoji are all about enriching the visual experience and is a fun, supportive language. Emoji is a not a primary reading experience. I have no idea what Google is trying with Supersonic.

Supersonic is available for group chats too. Strangely though, Supersonic is not available in India yet. Get Supersonic for Android or iOS.