Google Lens is Google's latest offering, harnessing the power of Google Assistant on Camera

Google just announced a brand new app, more like a feature, called Google Lens that harness the power of Google Assistant on all camera-related activities. Google Lens is the search giant’s latest offering that enables AI-powered Google Assistant on processing things that you see in real-life.

With a simple scan of your a sign board, you can translate the text on that board to your local language in real-time and process this result in whatever application you want / in whatever application it can.

Google demoed two particular use-cases which seem very handy at first sight. The first event demoed the removal of the fence/wire on a photo to show the little girl at the behind better.

In another example, Google demoed a scanning of WiFi credentials with an Android camera and the Android smartphone automatically processes this result and connects the phone to that WiFi network automatically. This is particularly possible with the power of Google Assistant, all thanks to AI and every bit of investment Google did in this tech.

[caption id=“attachment_1594” align=“aligncenter” width=“680”] Image credits: TechCrunch[/caption]

There is no concrete information on when Google Lens will be available for consumers. It is reportedly come soon though.