Google Responds to Amazon Chime with Google Meet

In what would come as a shocker, Google has launched yet another communication app. This is the seventh such one on the social giant’s stable and it enables video conferencing facilities to enterprise users.

The launch is unofficial, but a Meet page is available for use currently. An iOS app was launched too, but turned out, it was only taken down a few hours later. Strangely though, Google’s hasn’t announced the launch of Meet. Meet can be related to an upgraded version of Hangouts, targeting enterprise users and aimed at solving video calling problems.

It is interesting to note that, in what might seem like an actual roadmap, Google is screening off Hangouts into Allo and Duo for regular users, while Meet would be consumed by brands. Currently available for G Suite users, Meet allows high definition conference video calling solutions with upto 30 users. Users can launch video calls with a single user, do multiple-user video conferencing, launch meetings and do more.

Luckily enough, the folks at TechCrunch got a good shot at the app when it was available. Calls cannot be created from the website yet, but can be joined by entering the meeting code.

“Dial-in numbers are available only to G Suite Enterprise Edition customers, but that’s the only limitation noted so far.”, says TechCrunch.

Interestingly though, Amazon Chime was launched a few weeks back and so was Skype Lite, targeting the developing markets in particular.

The former targets enterprises again with choices for voice, video calls, conferences, recording, scheduling meeting, ability to share meeting links, join meetings via phone lines and has chat rooms bundled in too. Amazon Chime is free with limited features, while high-end plans at 15 USD/month/user offer extra features atop the free plan. You can read more about Amazon Chime plans here.

Skype Lite has bots too!

It is yet to be known if Meet would be free to all G Suite users, or would be bundled as a premium add-on. On an important note, it looks like Google has been testing Meet with select users sometime, and they claim Meet is a much better product over Hangouts for video calls.

Ah, yes. The other 6 Google communication apps are Wave, Buzz, Hangouts, Duo, Allo and Google Talk. Google shuttered the first two and the last though.

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