Google Drive to get full system backup and sync, following Google Photos success

Google just announced that they are brining a major upgrade to how Google Drive works on June 28th of this year. Touted as the launch of a new app, named Backup and Sync, it will replace how Google Drive works currently.

Currently Google Drive syncs content inside the Google Drive folder. This is set to change with Google’s new app that will backup your whole computer to Google Drive.

This is primarily a small hint dropped by the G Suite team from Google, and it is still unclear as on how users could possibly backup a huge lot of all content with limited storage of 15GB (regular consumers) or 30GB (G Suite Basic users).

[caption id=“attachment_media-23” align=“aligncenter” width=“640”]Backup & Sync for Mac.png Image credits: Google[/caption]

This can be referred to Google Photos recent success with having as much as 500M active users and being named the fastest growing Google product ever. The app also clocked as much as 1 billion downloads just on Google Play Store and is incredibly powerful photo management tool with their truly unlimited backup system for photos.

Google wants to take a dig data beyond photos, and the new app might be announced with truly unlimited storage, or could possibly be out with deap-cheap prices.

This can be related to Dropbox’s Project Infinite, which allows users to backup and sync all the data on the laptop, and use things as and when needed by streaming it instead of downloading it.

Backup and Sync primarily works on the concept of the new Drive File System which makes this possible. Once all the data is uploaded to your Google Drive account, your local machine is literally having a huge load of available space. You can stream your documents and media to your local machine as and when needed to work on it. After changes you make, it will be uploaded back to Google Drive.

Backup and Sync will be initially available for consumers. G Suite users are not recommended to use Backup and Sync when it launches on June 18. If your G Suite-powered company is enthusiastic though, Drive File System is available to G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Education users as a part of the early adoptor program. Sign up here.

Note: We will update this piece as and when new information is available.