Google Backup and Sync is finally available; Now backup your whole computer with Google Drive

On the last weeks of June, Google was set to launch a new game-changing feature that would redefine how cloud-powered backup systems worked. Google was to announce a new app called Backup and Sync for Mac and Windows computers that will sync all the files on the computer with your Google Drive storage.

The launch was pushed to a later date for various reasons, but now though, the app is finally available for public consumption and is available on the Google Drive website.

Similar to how Google Photos works on your computers and smartphones, Google Backup and Sync will enable automatic sync of all your files across all your computers.

[caption id=“attachment_2370” align=“alignnone” width=“1446”]Google Backup and Sync is now available on the Google Drive website Google Backup and Sync is finally available![/caption]

Google Photos is Google’s fastest growing product ever with over 500 million active users and the number’s only increasing daily. Google made this possible by introducing truly unlimited storage with Google Photos. Users can upload photos and videos to your Google Photos account without storage limits, but it comes with a catch though - photos can be sized at 16MP resolution while videos can be at 1080p. Google would automatically resize files as and when needed.

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Google’s trying to up this game with the launch of Backup and Sync. With Backup and Sync installed on your computer, you can choose which folders to backup with your Google Drive account. Note that uploaded files will count towards your Google Drive storage. Google is not offering truly unlimited storage for files with Backup and Sync.

[caption id=“attachment_2369” align=“alignnone” width=“800”]Google Backup and Syncis now Configuration page on the Google Backup and Sync app[/caption]

Photos and videos as a part of your local machine folders will be uploaded to your Google Photos account though - at truly unlimited storage. Or, you can retain original resolution of your photos and videos on Google Photos, but that would count towards your Google Drive storage. Learn more about it here.

Google Backup and Sync is available for all users at the time of writing this post. Backup and Sync claims that all changes to files using any apps on your computer will sync in real-time across all your devices. Users can download Backup and Sync from the Google Drive website. Install it to get syncing all your files with Google.

One can access their files anytime on the Google Drive website or using the native Google Drive app on your computers to view and edit files.

Google Backup and Sync can be related to the Dropbox Infinite project, which never was launched. Backup and Sync can be something that could cost dear to Dropbox, OneDrive and the likes. Let’s see how this pans out.

_Attention for G Suite users: _Google Backup and Sync is primarily intended for consumer users, that is, users with @gmail accounts. Google will be rolling out a more robust version of Backup and Sync for enterprise users called Drive File Stream. It is set to be available later this year for G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit domains.

Here’s how Drive File Stream is special. While regular Google Drive Backup and Sync downloads and reupload file changes, Drive File Stream will not download the files. It will stream the files on demand and will thus enable users to access and work on files a lot faster. Files can work with any regular software you use, Microsoft Office or Sketch. Any changes you save to those files on those apps will sync in real-time across all devices with Drive File Stream enabled.

If you are a G Suite customer and are enthusiastic about Google Drive File Stream, you can join the Early Adopter Program here.