Google's AutoDraw leverages AI to render your doodles

Google’s up to something very interesting for designers with AutoDraw. It’s their latest webapp that allows anyone to create doodles harnessed with the power of Artificial Intelligence. The webapp is free to use and is open to everyone across the world.

AutoDraw enables anyone to scribble their thoughts into doodles, while automatically trying to learn what you are drawing and will show related figurines that were created as templates by talented artists earlier.

This is basically a rendering machine that tries to learn what you are trying to draw and shows a finished version of what you might likely want.

If you get the hang of creating good arts, you can submit those to AutoDraw which will possibly by featured for use by other learners, and will show up as suggestions to them.

If you’re interested in learning more about the magic behind AutoDraw, check out “Quick, Draw!” (one of our A.I. Experiments). AutoDraw’s suggestion tool uses the same technology to guess what you’re trying to draw. - says the Google blog post.

The tool is available for use right away at AutoDraw and does not need a Google login to use.