Gmail Unsubscriber is your easiest bulk unsubscription tool

Unsubscribing from emails is a pain. And, to top that, using unsubscription tools like as resulted in a privacy breach apparently. Gmail Unsubsciber is anyone’s easiest bulk email unsubscription tool at such a time.

Developed by Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration, this is a open-source script that runs on your Google account and automatically unsubscribes from you a particular mailer when you add that email to a Label of your choice on Gmail.

Creating and using the script

The script’s available for free and can be deployed to use on your Gmail account right away. To get started, click this link to automatically create a copy of this link to your Google Drive account. The script page will open automatically as a Google Sheets worksheet, when a copy is available on your Google Drive folder.

Click on the Gmail Unsubscriber button at the top of that Google Sheet worksheet and click Configure. It will request your request to access your Gmail inbox. Authorize the request and create a Label of your choice. Unsubscribe works by default.

The setup part’s done. Launch your Gmail inbox and add any email you want to unsubscribe from to the label you created. The script will automatically run in 15 minutes of time, and will try to process the unsubscription request. You can track of status of all the requests right on that Google Sheets worksheet, like so. To get a working idea of what happens here, all marketing emails happen to have a List-Unsubscribe header in the email, which when clicked will remove the user from that mailer list.

This handy script wants to make the process easier or you. All you need to do is, apply the email you want to stop receiving to the Label you created. And, you’re done! This works on any email clients of your choice, including Apple Mail and the mobile apps. The only challenge here being, the script should continue to run 24x7 and you will need to apply the emails to the unsubscription label you created.

Any any time you wish to unauthorize this script from running, you can stop the script by clicking the Gmail Unsubscriber button at the top of the Google Sheets worksheet again. This script does not upload your email information to third-party servers.