Firefox Send allows sharing of large files with encryption

Firefox’s latest web product, called Firefox Send, allows users to share files with other online recipients. Before this comes off as yet another file sharing tool that will never be used, Firefox Send is different by being private and ensuring secure file transfer with encryption.

The files you upload and send to others using Firefox Send will be encrypted at the sender’s end and will not be available for access by Firefox or Mozilla. Once the file’s successfully uploaded, this can be shared with the recipient. The link, along with the encryption key, will be shared with the recipient and the file will be available for access when they click on it.

Firefox Send currently allows users to send up to 1GB of file in a single go. The app is available for all users and works on all modern web browsers. The files you share using Firefox Send will be primarily available for 1 download or 24 hours. Post the window mentioned, or post 1 download, this file be will deleted off records and will not be available for download anymore. Mozilla is currently collecting feedback as on what features users would like to see. You might want to chip in here if you like the app.

While Firefox Send does not have access to read the data you upload and share, the app will be able to read the basic information related to the file for server logs and operational purposes. The app will be able to read the file name and file upload date. These information are stored on your device and will be deleted after the file becomes un-available or if you choose to delete the file. You can see the list of files you have uploaded to Firefox Send right on the same website.

Firefox Send is a project born off the Firefox Test Pilot programs. Go, check out other projects by them. Try Firefox Send here.